The Stockwell Report V1-E6



Just as the dust was settling on the recent appointment of a new Wasaga Beach councilor to replace Councilor Ron Anderson, a new player entered the field.


A gentleman by the name of Steve Berman, a well-known observer of the Collingwood Municipal Council, who hasn`t been backward at being critical in the way that Council has performed in recent years. Berman`s rise to fame started with him writing his own blog on the internet, which led to a “visiting columnist” spot in the Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin, entitled “Local Voices.”

The column made mention of the successful candidate, Joe Belanger, fitting in with some of the present members of council, stating “ There was even a photo on his Facebook page, not 36 hours after the vote, golfing with Councillor Ron Ego`s wife Faye, so I`m certain he`ll fit right in.”


Councillor Ego sent Mr. Berman an e-mail explaining that the photo in question was taken at a “memorial” charity golf tournament that Mrs. Ego and Belanger were, as a result of the tournament structure, playing in the same foursome.

 In Berman`s response to the Ego missive he, for some reason, takes pride in pointing out that his column for the Collingwood paper, “is not a job, I volunteer, and I`ve never been paid a dime.”


He goes on to say, “Also you can see with each column, the E-B notes that I write an ‘opinion’ piece, not a news piece, so in regards to the column in question, that was my opinion of what I saw at the meeting, and not a news report. I am not a ‘reporter.’”


I guess that is one way of saying, “What I write should be taken with a grain of salt, I am not a reporter,”


Finally, a blogger who comes with a ready made disclaimer.`


At any rate, his take on the meeting was in lockstep with the nay sayers that we hear from on social media. According to the naysayers “the whole program was a sham, the fix was in, we knew who the winner was before it started, council asked dumb questions” Even “Yours Truly” was criticized for not asking any questions at all. Yet, no mention was made about the Deputy Mayor asking only one question, and that was a gotcha question asked of the candidate that ran against her in the last election.


Mr. Berman was impressed with the Deputy Mayor`s showboating of putting two names in a sealed envelope, calling it a bold prediction. He would have been totally blown away had he read the Stockwell Report of June 9th., which predicted both the Deputy Mayor and Councilor Bray voting for candidate Watson.


So, it`s obvious that Mr. Berman is a kindred spirit to the Monday morning quarterbacks that reside in Wasaga Beach, even though he hails from Collingwood. It`s also interesting how his column appeared in the Facebook blog entitled, “Wasaga Beach Political Forum” on June 27th, reprinted from the internet, as the Enterprise Bulletin article didn`t see print until July 1st.


The gentleman that posted it stated, “I have recently started reading the blogs of this JOURNALIST.  Interesting perspective from the outside looking in.”


Now, when I think about it, maybe I can get my wife to start a blog reprinting articles that support the way I vote on Council.
On second thought that might be a conflict of interest………. Knowing my wife, she probably wouldn’t do it anyway.


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