The Stockwell Report V1-E8


WARNING…A portion of the following blog is a spoof.

For those Social Media readers, who sometimes are offended by words that they feel are offensive, misogynistic, etc., I have taken the liberty to present the following, taken from the Free Dictionary….. “Spoof; a satirical imitation”.

So….having said that, please proceed…with caution.

Last week`s blog addressed a recent General Government Committee meeting covering a staff report titled, “Beachfront Tenant Meeting”. The gist of the report suggested that Council call a meeting of all the tenants that operate on Beach One, listen to whatever complaints that they may have with their multi-year leases, and if they wish, allow them to walk away from their present leases without suffering any financial penalties for doing so.

The blog went on to state, “After a lengthy discussion, the final vote saw the recommendation carried 4 to 3 with the opponents being Deputy Mayor Bifolchi and Councillors Ego and Bray. However, the debate that preceded that vote was rather interesting.”

Well, within the hour of the blog being posted on The Wasaga Beach News and Commentary Group, the Deputy Mayor commented on the posting as follows, “Unfortunately Councillor Stockwell`s report isn`t 100% accurate so I look forward to Ian Adam`s Wasaga Sun article as I`m sure it will be. The motion was split and a unanimous vote by Council to hold a meeting between staff and the tenants was approved. The vote to allow tenants out of their leases was a vote of 4-3.”

Now, think about it. If the first vote was to have  the meeting and the next vote was to let the tenants out of their leases, which one was the FINAL vote?

Shortly after Triple N`s posting, Ian Adams jumped into the discussion, to state that, “the Deputy Mayor asked to ‘call the question’ to the second part of the motion which was to give beachfront tenants a window of opportunity to withdraw from their lease without penalty.” Etc.,etc.,etc.

All of the above should clear up the issue of whether Yours Truly`s report was not 100% accurate.

IMPORTANT….Here comes the spoof.

However, accuracy was not the issue.

The issue is whether or not Triple N really called the question?

Calling the question means that any member of Council, once gaining the floor during a debate, may ask the Chairperson to call the question, or “end the debate and call the vote”. In this particular case, the Chairperson was Councilor Bray.

Triple N couldn`t have “called the question”.

Had she called the question, the Mayor, who asked to speak following the Deputy Mayor, would have gone ballistic.

He would have set up his own online report, to lash out at Council like the Deputy Mayor did when the same thing happened at a Council Committee meeting on April 7th of this year. That episode can be found at Under the heading “Silenced Again”.

He then would have been the subject of an article in the Wasaga Sun, like the one that appeared on April 11th. If you missed it, it can be found online at (,

In both of those sites you will see that the gist of the message is that the Deputy Mayor is the victim.

So….if the Deputy Mayor moved to put the question, without giving the Mayor the opportunity to speak to the issue, then the Mayor would wear the mantle of “Poor me, they won`t let me speak.”

Very interesting.


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