The Stockwell Report V1-E9



The following will be my last report until mid-August, when my wife and I return from a two week trip to the beautiful Maritime Provinces.


Before leaving, I have taken the opportunity to do some house cleaning and report on a number of items that I found in my “Things To Do” file that I have been meaning to address.


Item 1…..The June issue of Chatelaine magazine ran a story on the twenty best beaches in Canada. I am told that in the 2015 list Wasaga Beach didn`t get a mention. However, this year Wasaga Beach placed seventh.


The story commented, “This popular stretch of beach on Georgian Bay plays host to over two million people at its eight beaches. This Blue-Flag-rated spot has great water, sand and sun, and the people watching will make your head spin. Main beaches, One and Two are livelier (think lifeguard championships and soap-box derbies), while the rest offer more family-friendly amenities and playgrounds.”


Next year number one ?


Item 2…This week`s Council meeting ratified the actions of the Community Service Committee meeting of July 14, 2016.


Under Municipal Law Enforcement Report the minutes stated the following, “Councillor Stockwell pointed out an issue with the proactive enforcement of long weeds and grass under the Clean Yards By-Law. He explained that on occasion Town owned property is not being maintained to the standard outlined in the By-Law. Councillor Stockwell then inquired on the cost for equipment and manpower to maintain the Town Property. It was noted that a report to explore the cost to maintain the town`s property for the 2017 budget be brought back to Committee.”


It isn`t new that when a By-Law Enforcement Officer sites residents for not keeping their grass up to property standards, they are quick to point out a municipal property that is just as bad as theirs. It’s tough for the officer to make a point by explaining the difference between the two.


When it comes to grass cutting of municipally owned properties, as well as Provincially owned parkland,( under maintenance agreements that have been in place for years,) an up-to-date cost of a program, that would meet the demands of the by-law covering the private sector, is unknown to Council.

So, if there is an answer to be found, it should commence with a report covering an up-to-date cost estimate of such a program.


Once Council has such a report, they can then address the issue.


Stay tuned.


Item 3…Over the past month your Wasaga Beach Council has reported progress on two issues that are close to most residents’ hearts: the need for a Wasaga Beach High School; and a Wasaga Beach Walk-In Medical Clinic.


Both of these items were high on the Election Promises list of nearly all of those successful candidates that ran in the 2014 municipal election.


Even though a successful conclusion on both issues has proven to be very high mountains to climb, Council is determined to continue its efforts in pressing the powers-that-be on these issues.


On both of these issues, working committees have been set up by Council to investigate and report on how to achieve success. All of Council is in lockstep on these issues and it`s great to work as a team to win the day.


In both cases, Council has established citizen committees to address these issues.


A High School Task Force Advisory Committee was set up under the chairmanship of Andy Beaudoin, with citizen appointments made up of Lorraine Gruzuk, Jeanette MacKenzie, Rob Brockwell, and Trent Gow.


Rounding out the committee membership is Councillor Sylvia Bray and Mayor Smith.


In the fight to obtain a high school, the Mayor`s leadership has been stellar.

In the battle for a Walk-In Medical Clinic, a committee was set up by Council, made up of the  twelve medical doctors that have their practices in Wasaga Beach, as well as Mayor Smith, Deputy Mayor Bifolchi, and Councillor Ron Ego.  The efforts of Councillor Ron Ego, to move this committee forward have been tenacious.


Don`t bet against either one of them when it comes to succeeding on these issues. So ..Again…Stay tuned.


Stay safe, and enjoy August at the Beach.
We are Blessed to call this place “Our Home”.


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