The Stockwell Report V1-E10



The recent Wasaga Beach Sun report on a March meeting between Wasaga Beach Mayor Brian Smith, Town C.A.O. George Vadeboncoeur, and the operators of Bananas Beach Club, Enzo Grossi, and Larry Pevato, regarding the leasing agreement of that beachfront facility, spotlights the difference in how Municipal Mayors carry out their jobs as Chief Executive Officers.

The report was written by Ian Adams, a veteran Municipal Council reporter who has been covering the Wasaga Beach Council since joining the Sun early in 2015. Prior to that time, he was with the Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin covering local Councils in the area.

Grossi operated all three bars in 2015, Bananas, The Copa, and The Dardanella, primarily because he had previous on-site operating experience and held  liquor licences for all three. His competition could not obtain liquor licences in time to meet the opening date set by the Municipality.

As the 2015 season progressed it became apparent that all three bars being operated by one tenant had problems and by early 2016 Council clearly indicated that it was looking for three separate operators for the upcoming season.

The Sun, via The Freedom of Information Act, obtained documents from the Municipality, containing details of the March meeting. The information lead to the writing of Adams’ column, which spoke of a “secret” meeting between the parties and quoting Pevato as saying, “At the meeting, the discussion was for both (Bananas and the Dard).”

For all the nitty, gritty, details of the issue, the reader can find Adams’ column online at

Since the printing of Adams’ column, Mayor Smith has issued an Open Letter, giving his side of the issue, which can also be found at

After reviewing both of these documents, readers can make their own decisions on who did what. However, the fact of the matter is that Smith is of the opinion that he has done nothing wrong in this matter. Furthermore, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Municipality, he was only doing the job that the ratepayers of Wasaga Beach elected him to do.

Not all elected Mayors are as committed to the leading their Municipalities as Brian Smith. Some simply coast through their term of office, taking a back seat to municipal staff, allowing the civil servants to follow the same practices that have been followed in years past.

Others, like Smith, take their election promises seriously and spend every minute of their four year term striving to bring about those things that they promised during the election campaign.

In the next few months the present Wasaga Beach Council will reach the halfway mark in their term of office. They have certainly not been backward in bringing about change to the Municipality. In doing so, they have created both supporters and critics.

A majority of Council have supported Mayor Smith in bringing about change. Not all.

`In my opinion, this “Bananas-Dard” issue is a tempest in a teapot, and will die a natural death on the desks of the lawyers.

The only thing that won`t change is Brian Smith`s

dedication to the betterment of Wasaga Beach.


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