The Stockwell Report V1-E-11


This past June, the Wasaga Beach Committee of the Whole approved Resolution No. 2016-09-03, on a five to two vote, which stated the following:

“RESOLVED THAT Committee of the Whole recommends to Council that the multidisciplinary team led by FORREC Ltd. be awarded the contract to lead the development of the Master Plan for Downtown Wasaga Beach, in the amount of $350,000 exclusive of HST and disbursements, and that staff proceed to enter into a contract with Forrec Ltd.”

The project is jointly funded by the Province, Regional Tourism 7, Simcoe County, Stonebridge Town Centre, developer Hamount Investments, and the Municipality. The Town`s share is $35,000.

The team, headed by Forrec includes CBRE Tourism and Leisure, Toole Design Group, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited and JC Williams Group. The team brings a multitude of both experience and skills to the table.

A Steering Committee for the development of the Master Plan is presently being created, made up of volunteer members with knowledge and experience in one or more of the following fields, Hospitality/Accommodations, Retail, Food, Arts and Culture, and Mixed Use Development.

The Steering Committee will consist of seven members of the public.

Forrec Ltd. has committed to an eight month timeline to the delivery of a final report.

This past Monday and Thursday the Town hosted public sessions to introduce the Forrec team and have them explain how they intend to approach the study, and how to engage the public throughout the study process. They also made themselves available for “drop-in” discussions between the meetings for anyone who wanted more information.

I would say between 150 and 200 citizens attended, and participated in the process. During the Q and A portion of the meetings, little, if any criticism was voiced by the public. However, the question was asked, “Will this just be another study that will collect dust at the Town Hall?”

The answer was straightforward.

All past studies will be reviewed. The Public will be kept abreast of the study as it proceeds. Recommendations will be realistic, implementable, and affordable.

The pros and cons of the of the project sites were listed and discussed.

The study is now underway and more public meetings will take place in the months to come to discuss its progress.

Much to the chagrin of a few critics….it sounds like a plan.


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