The Stockwell Report V1-E19



At the Council meeting of October 24th, 2016, Council heard a presentation on Wasaga Distribution Inc. and Wasaga Resources Services Inc. It was presented by Wasaga Distribution Inc Board members Rick Archdekin, Jim Fraser, Peter Preager, and Mark Rodger, of Borden, Ladner Gervais.


This presentation was addressed in The Stockwell Report of October 17, 2016, and was referred to as a report addressing “the future of Wasaga Distribution Inc…better known as Wasaga Beach Hydro.”


The Stockwell Report gave a brief history of the public facility. It also noted that during the last Municipal election campaign the rumour mill was that the municipality would probably be considering the sale of Wasaga Beach Hydro.


It went on the say that, “of those who were elected, (if my memory serves me) unanimously opposed a sale during the election campaign. In fact, I can`t recall any candidate, old or new, supporting a proposed sale at that time…However, I certainly stand to be corrected.”



Well, at the meeting of the 25th, interested ratepayers overflowed the Council chambers, the entrance foyer, and the lower floor halls of the Town Hall to show their outrage at the potential of such a sale.


In fact, following the presentation to Council, those in attendance were given the opportunity to address Council and clearly voiced their opposition to such a sale.


At this stage of the game I can`t believe that a recommended sale would be supported by Council. In my case, I opposed a sale prior to being elected, as per the attached copy of my election brochure, distributed to every home in Wasaga Beach in the Fall of 2014.


The rumour that a decision to sell has already been made couldn`t be further from the truth. The rumour is only used to infuriate the residents of the Municipality.


Council must follow a due process that clearly brings the pros and the cons of the issue to all the ratepayers of the Municipality, and allow each and every ratepayer the opportunity to clearly show where they stand on the subject.


This may take time and I would encourage everyone to give Council the time to do so.


Sometimes, democracy is slow moving.


4 thoughts on “The Stockwell Report V1-E19”

  1. Thank you for the update and reminder regarding the discussion on Hydro. It is refreshing to here that an elected official is standing by his campaign platform. Taking this position must be difficult given the undue pressure of certain member(s) but we admire your courage as you stand tall.

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  2. I think “pressure from a few” is rather an understatement. We can only guess where we would be now without this pressure.


    1. Brenda….. I think you are mis-reading Councillor Stockwell’s response. It is our belief that he is standing behind his pre and post election position to NOT SELL the service. I think you will conclude this if you read the entire Stockwell report. His mention of the pressure from the few, he means the few that are pushing the sale. And, we know there is only a few. The shame of it all, and Stockwell writes about this, is that virtually all of the election candidates campaigned on a ‘NO SALE’ platform. It also appears that both Smiths are going against their word. Please review Stockwell’s material and perhaps you will read it in the same light as I. However, if you are a pro-sell person, I apologize for this lengthy statement. Regards


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