The Stockwell Report V1-E21


       This Sunday Canadians will be gathering around their television sets to celebrate the annual Grey Cup Classic.

       The following article was written for the Toronto Sun prior to the celebration of the classics` One Hundred Anniversary. 




4 thoughts on “The Stockwell Report V1-E21”

  1. I just want to say after your comments last it was absolutly ridiculous, when U comment that over 6000 on the petition doesn,t represent all the people U are are not using common sense. When any election for council or mayor this town is lucky if they can get more than 46% of the residents to come out to vote. So even if U could get 50% of the voters to come out , that would be only 9000, so if those other voters couldn,t care less than the over 6000 that are against the sale sign a petition than that is 66% of the concern residents. So it is been made very clear to this council and mayor what the concern residents want, but as usual this mayor and 4 council people do not believe in democracy. It is too bad there wasn,t an election here in November, most of U I would say would be shocked of the outcome. Very disappointed in your comments.


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