The Stockwell Report E2-V2



Chad Morrison is the self-appointed majordomo of a website by the name of Wasaga Beach News and Commentary Group.

The Rules of Engagement are stated as a “header”of the site, and read like the ground rules of a high school debating class. e.g. “Try not to name members as well in comments unless it is in a positive way, if you disagree with someone then just post a counterpoint and try not to be just retaliatory but if possibly try to be informed or factual in your remarks.” Mr. Morrison`s favourite comment is “play nice”.

The site has a very large membership, some 6545, as stated in the masthead. The majority of these members follow the site without participating, as do most Facebook followers.

Of those that do participate on a regular basis, there is a very small group that consider the site as an opportunity to ignore the “play nice” request and constantly use the site to attack some members of Council, in general, and  Mayor Brian Smith, in particular. Sadly, they do this without being taken to task by Mr. Morrison.

Two years ago Brian Smith was elected mayor with an overwhelming win over an existing mayor and an existing deputy-mayor. It was an election based on “change” and the voters of Wasaga Beach made it clear that, in their opinion, Smith was a man that could deliver that change, even though he had no previous experience in the world of politics. They weren`t disappointed.

Now, two years later, that small group of ratepayers, who use Mr. Morrison`s website to attack Mayor Smith, continue to downgrade the accomplishments of the present council.

Even though there has been a major increase in tourism, a major increase in attendance at the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, and a major increase in tourism-related business establishments, the naysayers continue to be critical of Mayor Smith and the majority of his council.

Personally, I am one ratepayer who believes that Wasaga Beach is fortunate to have Brian Smith as its Mayor.

He works a sixteen hour day, carrying out his civic duties, even though he directs his entire salary to charity.

He supports the local Food Bank, hosts a Christmas Dinner for those residents in need, and both he, and his wife, Joanne, volunteer to stand shifts of the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle program, plus a number of other charitable events that are based throughout the town.

He is constantly promoting local business, and continues to push for a local high school, after-hours medical clinic, and the creation of a downtown core.

He is always available when called upon to attend business openings, service club events, and even personal milestones, like wedding anniversaries and the likes. He is known, affectionately, as “The Everywhere Mayor”.

He continues to lead a council that is committed to moving the municipality forward, in spite of the unwarranted criticism that he receives from two members of council and their social media supporters.

In my opinion, Mayor Smith is doing just fine, and the next two years will prove that point.


2 thoughts on “The Stockwell Report E2-V2”

  1. The first thing I would point out regarding your comments is that Mayor Smith was not elected by an overwhelming majority. He won by just over 50 percent of the votes cast for Mayor. Secondly, there is more than a small group opposing some of the moves by five members of Council. Some are just more vocal on facebook sites. Personally, my main complaints are the purchase for $13,000,000. and counting of the beachfront properties and the possible sale of our local electricity distribution company. Neither of these items were included in any campaign material or statements by any candidate in the lead up to the municipal election. Both are extremely important issues. The Town Centre concept is another issue. I have no problem with the so called “town centre” even though for residents at the west end of our community it is not a central location. As well, if Main Street is improved with the amenities suggested, this should be funded by the businesses in the area through a “Business Improvement Area” BIA, as is the case in most other communities. Wasaga Beach doesn’t have a BIA for any area and it should probably have at least two if not three. The amount of tax dollars being spent by this Council without the necessary community support is unprecedented in my forty-five years living here. Brenda Sigouin

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    1. Over 50% is the Majority Brenda. There is no sale of Wasaga Distribution, are you aware of any buyer? All of council is on record at least 5 times all stating they would not sell unless the people chose differently. All these items were in campaign material, I suggest you check your research more closely. The Town Centre is a PLAN, private investors are coming and we need a plan in place or it will be muddled. Once again you are stating your OPINION only, not facts. Just because you have an opinion does not make it a reality. Money needs to be spent to make money, this again was on Brian’s Agenda, previous Council did not spend money and that is why they lost the election, they did NOTHING to improve Wasaga Beach. This council has a mandate and that mandate is going to happen if you like it or not.

      This is Hogan Courrier writing this comment, not Bill Stockwell, just wanted you to know so you have the proper FACTS!


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